Sorority president resume

sorority president resume

Résumé of a sorority woman - sorority life

You learn parliamentary procedure at your meetings. Here is an example of how to list these experiences. Beta beta beta, active member 2010-14. Worked as public relations committee member assisting with maintenance of all chapter social media efforts. Participated in recruitment workshops learning to network with new people, share personal values and glean values of others through conversation. Learned parliamentary procedure through weekly chapter meetings. Whether youre talking just about your sorority experience or general experiences, remember to use action verbs, talk in numbers and be clear and concise. Dont sell yourself short.

Chapter President Resume Example (Gamma Phi beta sorority

Go into detail and be specific. If you hold a leadership position in the chapter, be explicit about what you do, playwriting how you do it, how many people you manage, the budget you oversee, the events you plan and the skills you have developed. Here is an example of how to list your accomplishments. Alpha Alpha Alpha, chapter blue president 2014. Oversaw activities for 120 members, presided over chapter and officer meetings using parliamentary procedure. Worked with collegiate members, alumnae advisors, inter/national headquarters, campus administrators and executive officers to improve risk management. Developed skills in problem solving, leadership training, public speaking, marketing, team building and organizational communication. Even if you dont hold a leadership position, you will gain skills by being a member. You may serve as a member of a committee and have specific duties tied to that role. You participate in the recruitment of new members.

To learn more about writing your cv, click here. Wednesday, april 01, 2015, april 2015 résumé of a sorority woman. Being a sorority woman comes with many benefits. Sorority women work hard to run their chapters, plan events and support philanthropy. In doing so they gain skills and experience that directly apply to jobs. Its important when entering sorority life to think about how to market those skills and experiences on a résumé. So dont just father's list on your résumé that you are a member of a sorority.

sorority president resume

Vice President Resume Example (Alpha Chi Omega sorority

Resume five : this resume shows how best to highlight extracurricular involvement like sports. Resume six : this resume focuses on experience in the visual arts and museums. Resume seven : this resume is targeted to the performing arts. If you are a performing artist, fit resume on 8 x 10 paper and staple to back of headshot. Fraternity resume samples : this worksheet shows how best to highlight your fraternity involvement and leadership. Sorority resume samples : this worksheet shows how best to highlight your sorority involvement and leadership. Graduate Student Resume, if youre an undergraduate in the School of Business, these additional resumes are tailored for you: As a graduate student employers might require a curriculum presentation Vitae (or a cv).

Check out our list of resume action verbs to make sure you use meaningful and descriptive verbs. Here are a few resumes to help you get started regardless of your major. If youve never made a resume before or arent sure what to include, check out our resume writing worksheet. Resume One : this resume is a great example for first year and sophomore students with limited internship or leadership experience. Resume Two : this resume highlights study abroad experience as well as relevant coursework. Resume Three : this resume is a great example if you have leadership experience or participated in the summer Business Management Program. Resume four : this resume shows you how to best format an experience where you held multiple positions and also includes science lab skills and research skills.

Marketing your Greek experience on your Resume - salisbury

sorority president resume

Resumes personal and Career development wake forest

The leadership skills you gained, experiences managing other members, working within a budget, ensuring safety, and training new members on historical values are all relevant to the working world. Impress employers before you ever shake their hand by creating a flawless resume. Market your skills and experience so your potential employer can quickly see what you could bring to their organization. Skill-building Directory to make connections between your on-campus involvement and the skills that employers are seeking. Although your resume should be tailored to your specific opportunities here a few helpful hints you should always incorporate regardless of essay the internship or job. Keep your resume to one page.

Use 10 to 12 size font in a professional style (no colors essay or fancy fonts). Include job title, organization, location, date, and a description of the skills you gained from each of your experiences in reverse chronological order. Make sure youre positive and honest about your experience, skills and capabilities. Proofread your punctuation, grammar and syntax must be flawless. Start each bullet point with an action verb.

having one line on your resume with your fraternity/ sorority and the dates highlighting the length of your commitment and participation is important to employers. . Ultimately it is up to you where you want to put it, focusing on how you want to highlight your experience. . do you want to highlight what you accomplished? . If so, then put it into a targeted section or leadership section. . If you want the employer to know you were involved, but do not want to go into detail on you role (whether or not space permits then include it in an Activities section.

If there is one thing I do recommend, it is always keeping your fraternity/ sorority involvement in your on your resume. . even years after you graduate, i recommend staying in good standing with your organization and having it on your resume. . After you are about 3 years out of college, it might be time to bring your fraternity/ sorority involvement into that Activities section or Volunteer section. . At this point you probably would remove the descriptions, unless you are working in higher education or looking to be a chapter advisor. . being in fraternity/ sorority life is more than four years, it is a life time. . Employers will continue to connect with your involvement beyond graduation. .

4 Simple tips: How to add Fraternity to your Résumé nik

One option is to have a leadership section book which will include your role without a description. . The other option is to move your role into an Activities section and list it with your other clubs and organizations. . An example could be: Director of Chapter Facilities, alpha Phi International Fraternity, wpi, jan 2013-Present. Member, habitat for Humanity, wpi, august 2012-Present Senator, student government Association, wpi, august 2011-Present (Notes: The order in each section is always most recent first/reverse chronological order. . Always include months with your dates; after all companies do not operate on seasons but rather months. . Unaffiliated employers might not understand what it means to be the gamma chapter, or what a delta gamma chapter is; instead focus on your school rather than the chapter number.) If you do not have a role in your fraternity/ sorority, but are. If you want to only highlight your membership that is okay as well. .

sorority president resume

Now this is great when the job function you are seeking (or the objective on your resume ) clearly aligns with your leadership role. . If it does not, then create a section on your resume called leadership Experiences. . In this section, you could include, and describe, your role, similar to above. . If having everything fit on one page (as most undergraduate students will have a one page only resume you might analysis need to remove the descriptions of your role. . This doesnt mean you cannot be detailed in your accomplishments and skills gained in your cover letter, or talk about it on an interview; of course you can and should! . However, the roles, projects, and jobs that are detailed on your resume should be in alignment with your career objective. . If you have space after elaborating on the related experiences, please elaborate on your fraternity/ sorority role in a leadership section! . If space is an issue, then remove the descriptions. When you remove your descriptions, you have two options. .

did. . you dont want to include pronouns or complete sentences on a resume. . It should be clear, straightforward, and highlight what you did. An example of a description addressing the above could be: oversaw three directors and a committee of 20 women with the goal of attracting new members to the organization. . Distributed budget of 3,000 among operating costs, materials, four formal recruitment events, three informal events, and marketing materials. . Delegated event planning while ensuring compliance with governing regulations and budgetary constraints. . Recruited 36 new members and engaged membership of over 100 women in process. (Notes: Any number under 10 should be spelled out. . be action and number oriented as best you can; always begin with a verb.).

When introducing the experience, i encourage you to put your role, followed by your fraternity/ sorority name, the school you are at, and the dates you held the role. One example could be: Vice, president of Member Recruitment, alpha Phi International Fraternity, wpi, jan 2011-Dec 2012 (Note: Bold your role). I always encourage men and women to answer the following questions when database describing the role/experience: What did you do? How did you do it? Who did you work with? (did you have directors, a committee, collaborate with other organizations). What were the results? (including attendance numbers, percentage involvement, amount of budget).

When to include your sorority or fraternity on your resume - business

Maggie becker, worcester Polytechnic Institute, as an Associate director in Worcester Polytechnic Institutes Career development Center and a chapter Advisor for the iota Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, i find fraternity/ sorority resumes to be extra special. Men and women do not realize the potential of highlighting their fraternity/ sorority experiences on a resume, nor give them justice. . I would like to shed some light on how best to highlight fraternal experiences on the resume. If you are looking for an internship or job that is finance, operations, marketing, sales, non-profit focused, event planning, program management, or general roles office related then you can be direct in creating a section that might very well align with your role in your fraternity. you can create sections on your resume that are called: Marketing Experience, sales Experience, operations Experience, etc. . If you are a vice president or director in one of those areas, you can bring your leadership role into one of these sections. . you would treat your role just as you would a job; be specific on what you did, how you did it, how many people you managed, the budget you oversaw, the events you planned, the finances you explained, and much more. .

Sorority president resume
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  3. If youve never made a resume before or arent sure what. We are all told that joining a fraternity or sorority will open opportunities. Fraternity president resume, fraternity, resume, fraternity treasurer resume.

  4. It can be difficult to know whether it would help or hurt to include your fraternity or sorority. Resume, phrases Greek life. But how do you translate this experience on your resume? I am a fraternity and sorority advisor and i am going to share this. Here are a few resumes to help you get started regardless of your major.

  5. Get the scoop on what sorority life is really like. Real college women, just like you, share experiences and reveal common misconceptions. Marketing your Greek experience on your. They will be able to explain how your part in a sorority or fraternity made a difference or helped. Of highlighting their fraternity/ sorority experiences on a resume. When to include your sorority or fraternity.

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