The sorrows of young werther short summary

the sorrows of young werther short summary

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Werther kills himself with the pistol. In a farewell letter to lotte, he tells her that they were meant for each other and that she belongs to him. He offers his certainty that they will reunite one day in heaven. A fictional, unnamed editor introduces The. Sorrows of, young, werther, presenting the novel as a nonfictional compilation of all the material he has been able to discover of the sad story of poor. The opening is short and assertive: the editor takes it on faith that the novel will have a great emotional effect on its reader, and that. Werther s spirit and character will engender both love and admiration. He hopes that the reader will find a friend.

The, sorrows of, young, werther by georg lukacs 1936

Werther considers his passionate heart as his most estimator laudable characteristic. His impassioned behavior, however, leads him down a dark path with tragic results. Werther report is able to believe in the possibility that he can win Lotte's heart until the return of her fiance, albert. With the return of Albert who stakes his claim for Lotte, werther is no longer able to ignore reality. His clinging and emotional dependence on Lotte compel Albert to eventually call for an end to his wife's friendship with Werther. While lotte is not completely innocent—she does not want Werther out of her life—there is no hesitation in her ultimate decision to adhere to her husband's wishes. After Werther embraces and steals a kiss from Lotte, her mixed feelings for Werther become apparent. If she is forced to give him up, she will have a hole in her heart. Though they do not openly discuss it, lotte and Albert both know that for their relationship to survive, werther must die. When Werther sends his servant with a note asking to borrow Albert's pistol, Albert and Lotte are well aware of its intended use—yet they do not stop him.

Werther is positively enraptured with his new surroundings, and, at about the cost of his artistic endeavors, he spends much time meandering the countryside and observing the peasants' lifestyle. At several points, he remarks approvingly that the simple and idyllic life of the country folk reminds him of the "patriarchal" society of the bible. On his travels, he meets many peasants whose stories will develop alongside his own: the peasant brothers Hans and Phillip, their mother, and a servant in love with his widowed employer. Werther soon discovers Wahlheim, a hamlet resting in the hills about an hour's walk from his residence, and is instantly taken with it and its people. It is in this village that Werther encounters the object of his adoration, the gracious, beautiful and kind Lotte. Although warned that the charming Lotte is spoken for, the emotional Werther is immediately taken with this young woman. This fateful encounter is the heart of the story. His fondness for Lotte is not based on logic or reality, rather it is rooted in passion and fantasy.

the sorrows of young werther short summary

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Werther is buried under a tree that he talked about regularly in his letters, gone but not forgotten, at least not to Charlotte who goethe has written that she will one day die of a broken heart. Despite his hope, werther died resumes alone and full of sorrow, and goethe does a great job with presenting the business elements of sorrow and romanticism that were evident in the Sturm und Drang movement. Not only that, but this short tale turned goethe into a popular writer in a matter of days, as it took him such a short time to write it, and it was instantly popular. So much so, that it is referenced in multiple other books written by famed authors like mary Shelley and Thomas Mann. Goethe also talks about how haunted he feels about the death of his own character, werther, which is a beautiful way to signify the importance of this piece to the world of literature, especially to the author himself. The sorrows of young Werther, summary study guide includes comprehensive information and analysis to help you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains. Topics for Discussion and a, free quiz on, the sorrows of young Werther by johann Wolfgang von goethe. "The sorrows of young Werther in many senses a classic of the epistolary genre of novels, opens with the titular protagonist having just completed a move to a rural town made in order to escape a romantic entanglement with a woman named leonora and her.

In a love triangle like this, one person of the three must die to let the other two live in peace. Werther is too gentle of a soul to murder anyone, and he does not want to hurt Charlotte, so he decides that the best solution is for him to take his own life. Werther readies himself for this feat, and writes a note to Albert asking him for his dueling pistols, under the guise that he wants to go on a journey. Charlotte is the one who receives the note, and immediately knows what this is about, however neither she nor Albert makes any attempts to stop it they send him the pistols. Werther takes this as confirmation that he is doing the right thing, and shoots himself in the head, however it takes an agonizing twelve hours for him to die from the wound. He leaves behind a letter for Charlotte, telling her that she was meant to be with him, and that they will end up together one day in heaven. Despite how hopeful and passionate werther is to those around him, neither Lotte nor Albert attend the funeral, and neither does a member of the cloth.

The, sorrows of, young, werther

the sorrows of young werther short summary

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He finds the village charmingly rustic, and likens in to the stories he reads in the bible. Being a hopeless romantic and a hopelessly passionate person, werther falls for a woman named Charlotte (Lotte) whose mother had died, and she was taking care of her siblings. The only problem is that he fell for her before he discovers that she is already spoken for she is engaged to be married to a man named Albert thus his sorrows begin once again. But this doesnt stop Werther, as he is too much in love with Lotte to stop, so he continues to build this close relationship with her, despite the fact that she is unavailable. Werthers pain is too much to take, so after months of cultivating this relationship, a relationship that Lotte herself now cherishes, werther feels as if he is forced to leave wahlheim.

He heads to weimar to visit an old friend, however he feels inexplicably out of place when he is thrown into an environment that is the complete opposite from where he came. His friend has become a part of a weekly gathering for a set of aristocrats, and Werther is too embarrassed to stay, as he is not a nobleman. Now forced to return to wahlheim, he hopes he can rekindle english his relationship with Lotte, however he discovers that she and Albert are now married. Charlotte and Werther continue to meet, but out of respect for her husband and their union, lotte decides to end the casual relationship with Werther. She asks him to not visit her as often as he does, as it is inappropriate for a married woman to spend so much time with another man. Werther agrees, but not before he visits her one story last time to declare his love for her in the form of a poem. They are both overcome with love that they share an illicit embrace, however it is clearly stated that there is no chance for them to be, and therefore there is only one solution.

Werther later sends a servant with a note to Albert to borrow his pistols for a journey- albert instructs Lotte to give them to the servant. Later that night, werther shoots himself. Html, page created by michael McGoodwin, last update: 18 February 2006. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics.  This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The sorrows of young Werther by johann Wolfgang von goethe.

The sorrows of young Werther is an epistolary, specifically a collection of letters, penned by prolific German author Johann Wolfgang von goethe. It was published in the 1770s, and with its dark quixotic themes, it became a major influence to the later Romantic era. Loosely based on goethes life, the sorrows of young Werther follows the melancholic experience and unfortunate events of Werther as he moves from place to place, experiencing the sorrows of life. In the letters, werther writes to his friend Wilhelm. His story begins with him leaving his rural town because of a failed romance. He was entangled with a lady and her sister, who ended badly, and he was forced to leave however, he does not regret. He finds himself enamored with this new town he is in, a village called Wahlheim, forgoing his own art to walk and enjoy the countryside. He visits with the other peasants, whose stories are often told in conjunction with his own.

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His standard wear is a blue frock-coat and buff waistcoat and breeches as presentation Jerusalem wore at the time of his suicide. As his obsession (and madness) deepens, he prefers the fictitious gaelic poet Ossian over Homer, and prepares a translation. Lotte believes he is ill and begs him to leave her alone. Albert is uneasy with. Werther and wishes he would visit less. Lotte finally asks that he not visit before Christmas with eve, but he comes anyway. She asks him to read to her his translation of the songs of Ossian. He reads out loud, she is moved to tears, he is overcome with passion and covers her lips with kisses- she is horrified and banishes him from her presence forever.

the sorrows of young werther short summary

quot;tions are for the most part taken from that work, as are paraphrases of its commentary. Overall Impression : A well-told prototypically romantic tale of unrequited love, obsession, despair, and suicide, the inspiration for a fine opera by massenet. Notes per Penguin edition : Written when goethe was 24 based on his unsuccessful love interest in Charlotte buff (they met in spring and summer 1772 in Wetzlar, near Frankfurt; she married Christian Kestner April 1773 a subsequent unsuccessful love-interest in Maximiliane von la roche. The novel is in the form of a series of letters from. Werther to his brother Wilhelm detailing his love for Lotte (Charlotte.) despite her bethrothal and subsequent marriage to Albert. She has eight brothers and sisters and promised her deceased mother to marry Albert. He is a sensitive artist, poet, and lover of nature and Homer. He exhibits increasing obsession over this presentations unrequited love and with thoughts of death and suicide, and is emotionally ill-equipped to get on with his life. When employed by an ambassador, he is rejected by the noble guests at a gathering as not of their class.

old pastor; he noted that her youthful presence seemed to bring new life to the old man. Because he could not bear to have her out of his sight, werther began to object to the time lotte gave to sick friends and other acquaintances. A glimpse of her as she rode away on some errand was enough to set his head spinning and his heart beating wildly. If her finger accidentally touched his, the blood pounded through his veins. He confesses to his friend that he did little of the painting he had intended; all of his time is consumed with his love for Charlotte. After he receives Wilhelms advice either to press his suit with Lotte or to relinquish his hopeless. Goethe (Johann.) The sorrows of young Werther Summary. Johann Wolfgang von goethe: The, sorrows of, young, werther die leiden des jungen Werthers brief summary by michael McGoodwin, prepared 1997, acknowledgement : This work has been summarized using the penguin 1989 edition translated Michael Hulse 1989. .

Charlotte is a beautiful and charming girl, and despite her being betrothed to another young man, who was not present at the ball, werther fell deeply in love with her at first sight. Perhaps his passion became all the deeper because he was warned not to fall in love with her. At the dance, werther demanded much of her attention, and he began to ask her about Albert, her fiancé, when a storm suddenly interrupted the dance. The host led the guests into a room protected by curtains and shutters. There they played a game called counting. Werther year kissed Charlottes hands. When the party broke up at sunrise, he took her to her home through a dazzling world of raindrops and morning sun.

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Young, werther, leaving home, writes to his friend Wilhelm to describe the secluded region where he went to forget the unhappiness of his earlier years. He discovered a pleasant cottage surrounded by a lovely garden, essay and he felt that in this peaceful retreat he could live in happy solitude forever. A few days later, he reports that his soul recovered in his rustic surroundings. He does not want books or the companionship of his old friends, for he is transported into a new world of kinship with nature. He mentions a nearby hamlet, walheim, and the village inn where he can drink good coffee, sit in solitude, and read the works of Homer. Several letters to wilhelm continue describing. Werther s simple life among scenes of natural beauty. Suddenly there is a break in his letters, followed by the announcement that he met an angel. At a ball, he was introduced to Charlotte., the daughter of a judge who retired to a hunting lodge not far from Walheim.

The sorrows of young werther short summary
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  1. This argument was continued in his collection of short and critical poems. The sorrows of young Werther, novelle.

  2. From the creators of SparkNotes. The, sorrows of, young Werther Summary study guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis,"s, character descriptions, themes, and more. A brief summary and review for a masterpiece of German literature and philosophy, johann Wolfgang von goethe s epistolary novel, The. Johann Wolfgang von goethe: The. Sorrows of, young Werther (die leiden des jungen Werthers) Brief summary by michael McGoodwin, prepared 1997. Plot summary Charlotte at Werther.

  3. Sorrows of, young Werther. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The, sorrows of, young Werther. The, sorrows of, young Werther Summary. But this short tale. Get all the key plot points of Johann Wolfgang von goethe s The. Sorrows of, young Werther on one page.

  4. The, sorrows of, young Werther is mostly made up of a series. Goethe was no different when he wrote. Biography, books short, stories;. Complete summary of Johann goethe s The, sorrows of, young Werther. Enotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The.

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