Good tok presentation

good tok presentation

Tok presentation, theory of knowledge

Specified as being a max of 500 words, you want to make sure you clearly and concisely explain your thought process. The ibo specifies that you should do the following: Describe your real-life situation, state your central knowledge question. Outline how you intend to develop your presentation, with respect to perspectives, subsidiary knowledge questions and argument. Show how your conclusions have significance for your real-life situation and beyond. Make sure you follow these guidelines and refer to the tok assessment criteria as you are completing the ppd. The tok assessment criteria can be found at the back of your tok subject guide. Having the criteria next to you and referring to as you are writing your ppd may make a significant impact on how you will score.

Examples of tok presentation Titles kqs, tok, trump

In class, we had reports just talked about how men/women look for different characteristics when looking for a partner. Building on this study, we started brainstorming relevant topics which we could explore. In the end, we settled to explore how society measures beauty and the consequences of these conceptions on individuals. Terminology, as you begin to research your topic, youll see different perspectives. When you look at these perspectives in more detail, also consider: How can you relate them to Areas of Knowing or ways of Knowing that youve been discussing in class? Simply mentioning a real-life situation and knowledge question are related to a specific Area of Knowing or way of Knowledge will not. Rather, you will only receive points once you begin to compare them in relation to each other. Indeed, the ibo states that the best presentations will not only acknowledge that their question can be answered from different perspectives but also investigate these perspectives in relation to each other. Spend time on your tok presentation Planning Document! The tok presentation Planning Document (PPD) seems like a silly document you need to complete in relation to your presentation. However, the ppd is the only evidence that the ibo has online that you completed a tok presentation, as it is the only part of your work which is externally moderated.

The presentation is one of two compulsory tok assignments. The tok presentation is meant to test your understanding of tok concepts in relation to a real-life situation. The real-life scenario can be based on a situation in your local community or an issue of broader international scope. From this real-life scenario, you need to develop a knowledge question. This knowledge question will the basis of your presentation as you attempt to develop different perspectives to which to answer the question from. How to ace a tok presentation: Simplify your real-Life situation, dont choose a real-life scenario which requires extensive explanation. Instead, choose a real-life situation and topic that you have a solid foundation. When I was doing lined my presentation, my group decided to explore topics within our one mutual ib subject Psychology.

good tok presentation

Constructing convincing arguments - theoryofknowledge

More Presentation Advice help: developing KQs in your presentation. Where do i start with my tok guaranteed presentation? The really easy guide to resumes Knowledge questions. Oh wow, i got so much time to do my tok presentation, you think in December its not due till after the break after all?! On this side of Christmas break, your tok presentation seems to be approaching quicker than Usain Bolt running 100 meters. This week im going to share my best tips on how to ace with your tok presentations! But first, what is the tok presentation and what does it actually involve?

Rls: A psychologist joined an end of the world cult. KQ: to what extent can we observe, and understand, phenomena without influencing the object of study? Rls: Priests and Clergy who dont believe in God. KQ: What type of evidence would convince you that God does not exist? Rls: Factory closes and local economy collapses. KQ: How can we develop frameworks to judge long term good over short term loss? Rls: Hormones are the basis of love and attraction. KQ:  Does looking for causes in human sciences necessarily reduce the free will of the individual?

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good tok presentation

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KQ: What are the potential biases when we regard history as a series of human actions? Rls: The growth of, black Friday christmas Shopping Sales. KQ: How do personal knowledge and shared knowledge interact in the construction of the economic actor? Rls: The apparent increasing narcissism of humans (e.g. Rise in body dysmorphic disorder, taking selfies, eating disorders etc).

KQ: How can we increase objectivity in human sciences when we are studying ourselves? Rls: Scientists claim that they observed particles travelling man faster than the speed plot of light. KQ: How do subjective human motivations influence apparently objective scientific measures? Rls: Scientists claim that they have statistical evidence for racial differences in intelligence. KQ: Should ethical consideration be taken when designing scientific research? KQ: does avoidance of confirmation bias lead to disregarding Poppers Black Swan?

Its not the real life situation that matters. Its how you present it that matters. November 13, 2015, if you get the title kq of your tok presentation correct then the rest of the presentation is so much easier. Identifying an appropriate rls which allows for a good kq to be written is the foundation of the presentation. It is very difficult to give a good presentation without a strong.

In the list below ive adapted some kqs from. Tok guide Knowledge Frameworks, and then identified associated rls (I know that this is the wrong way round, but getting the kq right is so important). Reading the tok guide section on Knowledge Frameworks will really help any student to either give a good presentation, or to write a good essay. You can get more presentation help at some of the links below. However, your most important source of help is your tok teacher. The following are examples of the types of titles which tend to work in tok presentations, they are focussed around knowledge questions, and have sufficient relativity to allow for nuanced development. Rls: Accusations of plagiarism in, rachel Dolezals artwork. KQ: How do personal and shared knowledge interact in processes of artistic creation? Rls: Ideological arguments regarding historical analyses of the causes of the first World War.

Decoding Theory of Knowledge for the ib diploma

Counter-Claim 2, reason allows us to create more reliable, new technologies. Develop your argument even further by asking follow-up/extra knowledge questions (makes for a better tok presentation). Example: Should emotion be trusted when attempting to gain knowledge in the natural Sciences? Example: Is emotion necessary when gaining knowledge in the natural Sciences? You dont necessarily have to pick sides. Example: so while we have seen that emotion most certainly is essential in developing new technologies through acquiring new knowledge in the natural Sciences, it should also be remembered that. Thats a general format. Again, i know I didnt reviews exactly answer the question and give you a rls (well maybe i did with the Elon Musk hyperloop thing) but Im hoping this format will be useful when applied to any real life situation. I also stand by what I said earlier.


good tok presentation

Similarly, you could have the simplest/most generic/most boring real life situation and still turn it into a massive philosophical debate, therefore giving you a good tok presentation grade. Instead of giving you a real life situation, Ill give you the process of how you can tackle any real life situation: Find a real life situation, based on your rls, develop your main knowledge question/title of your tok presentation using both aoks and woks. Example: essay rls is about Elon Musks attempt at building an underground hyperloop in the. To what extent does emotion and reason hinder our technological advances in the natural Sciences? Form your developing argument with claims and counter claims. Example: Claim 1, emotion is not as important as reason when creating new technology. Counter-Claim 1, emotion serves as the main driving force that gives us the passion needed to do the difficult task of creating what doesnt exist. Claim 2, reason and logic may force us to conclude that it is impossible to create what does not already exist.

a more sophisticated view. Linking to these examples can be a good way of considering implications, assumptions or of demonstrating the significance of  your knowledge question / the answer to that question. As you are doing this make sure that you explicitly point out any similarities or differences that exist between the perspectives that you are exploring; make sure you avoid falling into simple stereotypes such as All Catholics think x, or All art is based just. A to the 2 to the. Depends on what you want to cover in your tok presentation. Youve got to consider what Areas of Knowledge you want to cover as well as which ways of Knowing youre going to use to explain your aoks. Your real life situation should serve as a backdrop for your Areas of Knowledge. In all honesty, theres no good or ideal real life situation I could suggest to you because of how vague and subjective the term good. You could choose a good real life situation but still completely botch your tok presentation.

Introduction: briefly state what the presentation is about, give an overview of the real life situation you have chosen to look at but do not go into great detail you should aim to have just enough so that people understand whats going on; . How can we know that or What role does emotion play. Or How is the concept of proof different in the human and natural sciences?; clearly state why your issue is significant ; you might briefly introduce the perspectives that you will be exploring in the presentation; remember to keep all of this. Development: you have two main choices when structuring your presentation, neither method is better than the other and both can allow you to access the top marks: Argumentative you can structure your presentation as an argument between two sides (this is usually more effective. If you choose this structure you have to be careful to ensure that it doesnt just descend into a yes / no debate but that each step in the argument reveals new ideas and issues. Step by Step alternatively you might like to assign each member of the team one particular perspective on the knowledge question and they can then explore this perspective by themselves completely before moving on to the next member of the team and their essays perspective. This means they will be responsible for identifying and responding to any flaws, limitations or alternative views and interpretations of their perspective in response to the knowledge question.

How to Write a conclusion

How to Structure your tok presentation. Here are some general guidelines about how to structure your presentation. Please remember that this is just a guide and that your actual presentation may be quite different depending on your topic, format or personal presentation style. The timings are based on a 10 minute presentation. Each presentation should have two clear stages: biography (1-2 mins) An introduction, this is where you will briefly describing your real-life situation and introduce the knowledge question question that you have extracted from it this will usually involve asking a very high level question about. (8-9 mins) The development, a detailed exploration of the knowledge question / tok question that you have extracted from the real-life situation, this will usually involve you looking at different ways in which your question might be answered and the implications that these have. In addition, although it is not as important here as it is in the essay, you might want to consider what people would say to argue against you and how you might respond all of this must be clearly linked back to your original knowledge.

Good tok presentation
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  5. If you get the title kq of your tok presentation correct the n the rest of the. It is very difficult to give a good presentation without a strong. Tok is quite a big and ill-defined subject so if anybody has any other ideas or te chniques to get good tok presentations, please do contribute them and I ll add.

  6. How to make a great Theory of Knowledge presentation. How to ma ke a great tok presentation pavel ivanov, phD;. A to the 2 to the a depends on what you want to cover in your tok presentation. Yo u ve got to consider what Areas of Knowledge you want to cover as well. Here are some general guidelines about how to structure your presentation. It is usually a good idea to have a clear title and this might be your knowledge.

  7. The following Theory of Knowledge (TOK) presentation structure has been designed v ery carefully. Everything in this structure is there for a very good reason. On this side of Christmas break, your tok presentation seems to be approaching quicker. Do i have good body language when I present? Here are some presentations that Diploma students have produced during recent exam sessions, to give you some idea of what can work as a tok presentation.

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