The other book review

the other book review

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His great-great-grandfather was a member of the denny party, whose members founded the city in 1851. In the northwest, this is akin to mayflower lineage. John William is a smart, troubled rich kid who loathes phonies and sellouts, beginning with his own weaseling, demonic forefathers. Hes the kind of guy who drops acid and chants, no escape from the unhappiness machine. John William tries to escape the machine by taking the hermits path, holing up in the woods for seven long, cold, lonely years. In The Other, the hermits story is told in retrospect by his best friend, neil countryman, an English teacher who emerges as the books most interesting character.

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He filled a 50-page notebook with tiny scrawled notes about Henry james. (These werent class assignments.) he loved absolute principles and what he called the timeless. He railed against hypocrisy. He liked to stand outside fraternities and shout lines from Byron. When a poem offended him, he ate it — crumple, chew, swallow — and ended up with an intestinal blockage. My friends and I loved Kurt, and we worried about him. The for Other is a novel about a kurt who goes off the rails and ends up living as a hermit in a remote forest in Washington State. The author is david Guterson, of Snow Falling on Cedars fame. The recluse is John William Barry, sole heir to a banking and timber fortune. John William, as his friends call him, is as old-school seattle as it gets.

Mira aspires to enact online change as a banksy-style protest artist, but shes held back with guilt that her brother died on her watch. Careys mother invented the iqsa, but did so to resurrect her son when he died in an accident. And so, the moon and the Other is a story about change — personal and societal — and the invisible forces that prevent and empower. Whats special, though, is how it makes those forces feel so immediate — like you could reach out and grab them. Photography by Andrew Liptak / The verge. Photo Credit Kate oconnor, in college, i had a friend named Kurt. A lot of people know someone like kurt in college — brilliant, obsessive and kind of scary. He stayed up 72 hours reading goethe.

the other book review

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The moon and the reviews Other uses the various colonies as manifestations of various political theories. The society of cousins is one such example, exploring how a matriarchal society would practically operate. Men in this colony are afforded the freedom to live out their desired occupations, but its women who are granted political authority and leadership roles. If men want to vote, theyre required to take on menial work. Persepolis is a polar opposite: everyone is completely equal in this libertarian-style society, but succeeding is difficult, with debtors frozen when they cant get. Kessels elegant writing and world building makes each of these colonies completely believable as worlds and societies — from the physical architecture of the settlements to the fine details of their systems of governance. The novel suggest that the people who make up these systems undermine how effectively theyre realized. Throughout the novel, we see characters working to uphold or push their own agendas, only to have their own weaknesses undermine the entire system.

While there, the investigators discover something much bigger: the iqsa, a device that can replicate any scanned object, even a person. Image: Saga Press, the story follows four characters caught in this complicated web of intrigue. Theres Erno, a former Society citizen — exiled after accidentally causing the death of his mother — who returns as a member of the investigative team; Amestris, an ambitious businesswoman and daughter of a wealthy industrialist from another colony called Persepolis, who marries Erno; Mira. What obligation does a person have to their society and political alignment? Kessel weaves a believable world, blending hard science fiction and social commentary without losing the human element. The characters benefit from their added depth, giving weight to the questions they embody: what is the relationship between a person and the society that theyre a part of? And what obligation does an individual have to their political ideals? But what has stuck with me is how the book turns philosophical ideas into livable space.

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the other book review

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Authors can take an intangible issue, whether its a relationship problem, a philosophical belief, or a scientific quandary, and bnb make it material. John Kessels new novel. The moon and the Other does just that, playing out a complex, but relevant story about politics, gender identity, and social conflict through a series of characters living on Earths inhabited moon. A wonderful, complicated, and beautiful novel, it asks what responsibilities people have to the societies they inhabit. Set in 2149, The moon and the Other takes a look at a lunar society full of social experiments. Some.2 million people inhabit a network of 27 distinct colonies, each with its own system of government and society.

One such colony is The society of cousins, a matriarchal settlement in which men are encouraged to pursue a range of personal pursuits and sexual freedom, but are barred from voting or holding political office, unless theyre part of the work force. The society is a manifestation of political theory and philosophy. While its inhabitants enjoy a better standard of living than their lunar counterparts, resentment bubbles under the surface. Not everyone agrees with the aims of the society, and agents, internal and external, are pushing for changes to how things run. The Organization of Lunar States sends out an investigative team to ostensibly examine human rights violations within the society. But the team is actually a cover to see if the society has developed weapons that specifically target men.

Paradise, they shoot the white girl first. With the rest they can take their time morrison recalls that, while many readers over the years have offered her guesses as to which of the female characters is the white girl, only one of them was ever correct. As in several of her works, she withholds any identifiable racial markers for most. Paradise : the one reader who figured it out did so, morrison tells us, based only on behaviour something she identified as a gesture or assumption no black girl would make or have no matter where she came from or whatever her past. In other words, here is yet more confirmation that race is solely and entirely (in the words of political theorist Bruce baum) an effect of power.

It makes sense that our best novelists should be concerned, among other things, with examining how this most damaging of illusions is developed and sustained. Morrison notes in passing that she is now at work on a novel about the education of a racist. That project almost certainly shouldnt sound more urgent now than at any other time. Still, The Origin of Others is a reminder that that next book may well be a gift we all need. The Origin of Others is published by harvard. To order a copy for.95 go to m or call. Free uk p p over 10, online orders only. Phone orders min p p.99. Science fiction is a genre thats uniquely suited for making the internal into the external.

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To do so, she deliberately left out or avoided discovering many of the material facts surrounding the historical event that had inspired the novel. Some of these were revealed in a biography of Garner by Steven weisenburger, published 10 years after. As Morrison now relates, several of Garners children were mixed-race, suggesting she had been raped by a slave-owner; she also includes details from Garners trial, in which the fugitive slave act eventually trumped the murder laws, so that Garner was judged in legal terms. The most arresting detail for those of us whose memory. Beloved is of a book as devastating as it is exquisite is the ending of Garners story: she was sent essays back to the south where, unlike sethe, she remained a slave until her death from typhoid soon after. Beloved would in many ways have been a lesser novel had it hewn closer to the fate of its real-life model. And yet to read the two side by side is a complex and moving experience. Given that racial prejudice is an unnatural and learned phenomenon, the attempt to understand the mechanisms through which literature shapes and is shaped by it is an important one. quot;ng the first two sentences of her novel.


the other book review

These are questions she has been considering for decades now. In The site of Memory a non fiction piece written during the composition of her 1987 Pulitzer prize-winning novel. Beloved she wrote, describing part of her driving impulse as a novelist, that in the us, the print origins of black literature (as opposed to the oral origins) were slave narratives such as those of Harriet Jacobs or Frederick douglass, in which, for the most. Here, in a chapter called Narrating the Other, she places passages from. Beloved alongside the 1856 newspaper article from which it sprang, about Margaret Garner (the real-life sethe. Beloved a woman who, with slave-hunters at the door, killed her child in an effort to protect it from what she had endured. Morrison gives an unusually concise demonstration of how truth in fiction works, or doesnt. This chapter offers a valuable account of the novelists task as Morrison sees. Partly because the full humanity and interiority of slaves had been largely obscured even in their own writings, morrisons interest was in imagining a mind and voice book for several figures in this story, including the murdered daughter.

been tampered with. She also recalls an encounter, as an adult, with another black woman, poorer than herself and oddly picturesque in dress and manner; gradually, morrison realises that she herself has inappropriately projected her own needs and essentialist fantasies on to this unknown woman we neednt. One of the more striking textual juxtapositions Morrison makes is between the cloying excess of Harriet beecher Stowes. Uncle toms Cabin its abolitionist intent accompanied by extreme efforts to soothe and reassure a white readership who needed, wanted, or could relish the romance of slavery and the unnerving, unapologetic plainness of the diaries of Thomas Thistlewood, the 18th-century British owner of a sugar. These diaries log Thistlewoods regular rapes of slave women, recording the time and place and satisfactoriness or otherwise of each incident without any other reflections, a mere notation among others about the price of sugarcane or a successful negotiation for flour. The only distinguishing mark given to rape over other economic transactions is his use of Latin phrases: Sup. Lect., In Silva; on the ground, on the bed, in the woods. Morrisons analyses of fictional works, of course, cannot be nearly so horrifying for the reader, but in their sheer precision they are nonetheless often unsettling. She shows how a single word choice in a hemingway novel can exploit and fortify any number of racialised fetishes and revulsions, and she also explains, with a dispassionate attention to technique, why and how Hemingway made such choices as a writer, the useful short cuts. Morrison gives an unusually concise demonstration of how truth in fiction works, or doesnt, of where the line is between a self-serving distortion or reduction of someone else and an imaginative leap in service of a different and important form of truth.

A third is that this constructed whiteness has also been a convenient way to give poor, working-class Americans the professional illusion of power a shared racism can seem to align their interests with those of the rich and dominant, offering them a false sense of social. This is a book not about racial difference (there is, after all, as Morrison notes, only one human race) but about the possibilities and responsibilities of literature. And what linger in the mind longer than Morrisons arguments are her bold and delicate literary juxtapositions. The point about the role of racism in the lives and psyches of working-class whites, for instance, is made economically via a reading. Though only slightly more than 100 pages, the book makes room for long"tions from other works, including Morrisons novels, which she revisits with a characteristic sensitivity to how things are said, to what is left out of a work of art, and why. Narrative fiction, she writes, provides a controlled wilderness, an opportunity to be and to become the Other. With sympathy, clarity, and the risk of self-examination. It shouldnt go unnoticed that, in one of the possible readings of that last sentence, there is only the risk of self-examination for a writer never any guarantee. Morrison will not let herself or anyone else off the hook, and the autobiographical moments in this book are among the most interesting and ambiguous.

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It is hard not to essay read Toni morrisons. The Origin of Others in the light of recent disturbing political developments in the. Ta-nehisi coates points out in his introduction, the central concerns of this slim book, based on Morrisons 2016 Norton lectures at Harvard on the literature of belonging, may seem to have a new resonance after the election of Trump and given the increasing visibility. Morrison considers the fetishisation of skin colour and the questions posed by our era of mass migration, and offers elegant reminders of some well-known but still unpalatable facts. One is that human beings invent and reinforce dehumanising categories of otherness in order to justify economic exploitation and to shore up our sense of security and belonging. That process of self-justification requires and encourages an extraordinary level of sadism. Another is that in the us, creating a coherent nation out of immigrants has often involved the assimilation of a wide variety of peoples into a wholly illusory whiteness.

The other book review
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  5. John Kessel s new novel The moon and the Other does just that, playing out a complex, but relevant. Though only slightly more than 100 pages, the book makes room for long"tions from other works, including Morrison s novels, which she. Welsh-born fantasist jo walton has built an award-winning career on elegant, quietly subversive novels such as Farthing, an alternate history. The lives of Others by neel mukherjee, book review: A departure fr om the comfy Indian novel that both shocks and impresses. This handout will help you write a book review, a report or essay that offers. For the negative review, those examples do not clearly relate to each other as part.

  6. Holland and Niles Perry are. Holland and Niles Perry are identical thirteen-year-old twins. They are close, close enough, almost, to read each other s thoughts, but they. From the author of the best-selling Snow Falling on Cedars, a dazzling new novel a bout youth and idealism, adulthood and its compromises, and two powerfully. Book review new Adventures books.

  7. The Other is a novel about a kurt who goes off the rails and ends. See reviews, news and features in The new York times book review. The Other has 17688 ratings and 518 reviews. A stranger on the i nternet instructed me to review this book, so i guess I ll do as I m told. The Other (New York review books Classics) Thomas Tryon, dan Chaon. Free shipping on qualifying offers.

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