Assignment preparation

assignment preparation

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Think about what you need to do to complete your assignment (for example, what research, writing drafts, reference checking, reviewing and editing, etc). Break these up into a list of tasks. Give each task a deadline, working backwards from your assignment due date. Step 2: Analyse the question, before you can answer a question, you need to know what it means. Read it slowly and carefully, and try to understand what's expected of you. Ask yourself: What's the question about? What does the question mean?

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Once you've started, youll also have something down on paper or on screen that you can improve. Using the steps below will help your assignments to become do-able, interesting and even enjoyable. Step 1: Plan, step 2: Analyse the question, step 3: Draft submitted an outline. Step 4: Find information, step 5: Write, step 6: Edit and proofread. Step 1: Plan, planning your assignment will help you get focused and keep you on track. Check how much your assignment is essay worth and what percentage of the final mark. This will help you decide how much time to spend. Check the marking schedule to see what your tutor will be looking for when they mark your work and how the marks will be assigned. This will help you know what to focus. If there is no marking schedule check the assignment question to see if the information is there.

do not simply recount the question word for word. Writing the body: Each paragraph should presentation make a point which should be linked to your outline and thesis statement. The most important consideration in the body paragraphs is the argument that you want to develop in response to the topic. This argument is developed by making and linking points in and between paragraphs. Try structuring paragraphs like this: Topic sentence : open the paragraph by making a point Supporting sentences : support the point with references and research Conclusive sentence : close the paragraph by linking back to the point you made to open the paragraph and linking. Here is an example of a body paragraph from the essay about education and globalisation: As you write the body, make sure that you have strong links between the main ideas in each of the paragraphs. Writing the conclusion: This is usually structured as follows: Describe in general terms the most important points made or the most important linkage of ideas do not include new information, therefore it does not usually contain references End with a comment, a resolution,. Here is an example conclusion from the essay on education. If you give yourself enough time to plan, do your research, write and revise your assignment you wont have to rush to meet your deadline.

assignment preparation

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never use the heading body. Writing an introduction: Introductions need to provide general information about the topic. Typically they include: Background, context or a general orientation to the topic so that the reader has a general understanding of the area you are discussing. An outline of issues that will and will not be discussed in the essay (this does not have to be a detailed list of the ideas that you will discuss). . An outline should be a general overview of the areas that you will explore. A thesis or main idea which is your response to the question. Here is an example of an introduction: It is often a good idea to use some of the words from the question in the introduction to indicate that you are on track with the topic. .

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assignment preparation

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Compare and contrast paragraphs should include full words like: on the other hand, by contrast, similarly, in a similar way, conversely, alternatively, and. Problem solution paragraphs should include words like: outcomes included, identified problems included, other concerns were overcome by, and. Note: Some paragraphs can include two plans, for example a list of problems and solutions. . While this is fine, it is often clearer to include one plan per paragraph. Linking paragraphs: look at your plan or map and decide on the key concepts that link the different sections of your work. . Is there an idea that keeps recurring in different sections? . This could be a theme that you can use to link ideas between paragraphs. .

Try using linking words (outlined above) to signal to your reader whether you are talking about similar ideas, whether you are comparing and contrasting, and. . The direction that your thinking is taking in the essay should be very clear to your reader. . Linking words will help you to make this direction obvious. Different parts of the essay: While different types of essays have different requirements for different parts of the essay, it is probably worth thinking about some general principles for writing introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions. . Always check the type of assignment that you are being asked to produce and consider what would be the most appropriate way to structure that type of writing. Remember that in most (not all) writing tasks, especially short tasks (1,000 to 2,000 words you will not write headings such as introduction and conclusion. .

Use your concept map or plan. Write your assignment using your map or plan to guide you. . As you write, you may well get new ideas or think about ideas in slightly different ways. . This is fine, but check back to your map or plan to evaluate whether that idea fits well into the plan or the paragraph that you are writing at the time. Consider:  In which paragraph does it best fit? .

How does it link to the ideas you have already discussed? Paragraph planning, for every paragraph, think about the main idea that you want to communicate in that paragraph and write a clear topic sentence which tells the reader what you are going to talk about. A main idea is more than a piece of content that you found while you were researching, it is often a point that you want to make about the information that you are discussing. . Consider how you are going to discuss that idea (what is the paragraph plan). For example, are you: listing a number of ideas, comparing and contrasting the views of different authors, describing problems and solutions, or describing causes and effects? Use linking words throughout the paragraph. For example: List paragraphs should include words like: similarly, additionally, next, another example, as well, furthermore, another, firstly, secondly, thirdly, finally, and. Cause and effect paragraphs should include words like: consequently, as a result, therefore, outcomes included, results indicated, and.

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If you understand the marking criteria, you can write an assignment that ticks all the boxes for your course. Another helpful strategy is to brainstorm your topic. Brainstorming ideas for an assessment task opens up the creative side of your mind and encourages thinking that operates without preconceptions and censorship. Brainstorm the key words in the question, allowing as many ideas as possible to float into your mind. The trick is to respond immediately and not censor your thoughts, many crazy remote ideas can lead to the best writing. These ideas can make your assignment original and special. There are no right or wrong answers in brainstorming, like most other skills brainstorming gets easier with practice.

assignment preparation

You should be able to find all the assignment details in the course profile in myGriffith. Identify when the assignment is due, how much its essay worth (e.g. 50 of your overall course grade how long it has to be (i.e. The word limit) and what format it should take. You will be asked to submit assignments in different formats, such as essays, literature reviews, reports or oral presentations. Writing your Assignment module introduces you to the different formats and provides an outline of what they could include. Be sure to check the marking criteria. It will tell you how many marks each section is worth and how your work will be assessed.

computer-marked assignments what flexibility exists - for example, some modules apply substitution or offer a choice of questions what is required to pass the module. If you have any queries, contact your nearest Student Support team or the. Assignment Records Office at Walton Hall. Talk to others, if you have a tutor or study adviser, discuss with them any concerns about the assignment. Many modules have online forums relating to assignments and discussion around relevant subjects is common. So have a look at these before you tackle an assignment but do be wary of discussing your intended approach in too much detail (see. Collaboration vs collusion, ou login required). Gather all the assignment information.

Activities (3 try to plan ahead and allow plenty of time to read the assignment booklet and make sure that you understand the question. It might take longer than you expect to finish your first assignment but, like all study skills, itll get business easier with practice. "This year I was so busy at work, i just had time to do enough to pass the module.". Start by think about how much effort you are able to put into writing your assignment. Not all students want to 'ace' every assignment. Sometimes just doing enough is fine. So, first, decide what you want to achieve and what is realistic for you to achieve. Organise a rough schedule for your work over the whole module and book time out for completing assignments. Identify potential contingency plans, find the assignments you could drop or do quickly if you had.

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Don't be daunted by the prospect of your assignment. There is no single correct way of planning how to write lined your assignment. However there are some common principles and if you work your way through the stages described below you'll be on the right track. Covered in this section, planning an organised approach to the writing process. Deciding what to write about, keeping on track and answering the question. Managing the writing process, improving further for the next time! Video (7 audio (1).

Assignment preparation
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  6. You are aware of the preparation stages as well as the actual writing stages. Write your assignment using your map or plan to guide you. As you write, you may w ell get new ideas or think about ideas in slightly different ways. Here is some advice to help you get on the right track wit h the completion and preparation of assignments: It really does pay to try to get. Assessment tasks can come in many forms at University: reports, cas e studies, group assignments, oral presentations, literature reviews. Information on preparing for your assignments, intended for university students, i ncluding numbered guides and tips.

  7. Don t be daunted by the prospect of your assignment. There is no single correct way of planning how to write your assignment. If you give yourself enough time to plan, do your research, write and revise your assignment you won t have to rush to meet your deadline. Once you ve started. Break down the assignment Think of assignment writing as a series of steps.

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